Kansas Trivia

My information comes from a book called Kansas Trivia, but was printed in 1986, so I apologize if any answers have changed.


What is the oldest city in Kansas? Leavenworth

What is the third largest city in Kansas? Topeka

In what town can the famous Indian burial pit be found? Salina

What early mission and school was turned into a state park? Shawnee Mission

What Kansas town founded in 1881 was composed almost entirely of Swedish immigrants? Lindsborg

The official state flag was first displayed at what camp in Fort Riley? Camp Whiteside

Where is the permanent home of the original Kansas state flag? Independence Hall ( Philadelphia, PA)


In 1762, France lost the territory of Kansas to what nation? Spain

What Fort was built in 1827 as an army post to police and protect Indian reservations as well as travelers? Fort Leavenworth

What 1858 massacre is said to be the last significant display of mob rule in Kansas? The Marais des Cygnes massacre

What political party was formally organized at Osawatomie in May of 1859? The Republicans

During his visit to Kansas, what president spoke at the famous Planters Hotel in 1859? Abraham Lincoln

Who was appointed “farmer to the Indians” in 1825? Daniel Morgan Boone

Who is Alf Landon’s daughter? Nancy Kassebaum

Who founded Pizza Hut? Frank and Dan Carney, Wichita


Where is the tourist spot featuring Dorothy’s house? Liberal

What jazz band was directed by Paul Gray from Lawrence? Paul Gray’s Gaslight Gang

What role did Hazel Resmondo play in The Wizard of Oz? A Munchkin

What book tells the story of the Clutter family murders at Holcomb in November, 1959? “In Cold Blood”

What gun was said to have tamed the west? Colt 45

What Soviet violinist made his first Kansas appearance with the Wichita Symphony Society play Max Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 in G Minor? Mark Peskanov

Lee Richardson Zoo is located where? Garden City

If you have enjoyed these trivia questions extend the fun. There are two volumes in the library that you may check out. Celebrate Kansas!